Peim van der Sloot


Peim van der Sloot grew up in Argentina, graduated from the art academy in Utrecht (HKU) in 2010 and has since been working in the lively niches between visual arts, design and performance. Through a range of graphic techniques including sticker-collages and silkscreen he has developed a very characteristic style. 

His optical illusions portray a strong urge for disorder. Within fixed grids he manages to introduce a very welcome flair of anarchy. With strong contrasts and vibrating colours, compositions are created full of movement, were the thin line between chaos and disorder is distorted. The same playfulness is applied on the scale of his works. He questions the assumptions on which our economy is based on, but also his artistic practice, constantly challenging both. 

This series 'The Doughnuts' was inspired by Doughnut Economics, which is a visual framework for sustainable development combining the concept of planetary boundaries with the complementary concept of social boundaries.



By Invitation only (group) 
Logman Gallery (NL)

Yes, Again (group) 
Patty Morgan (NL)

Poster wall (group) 
Paradiso (NL)

This works club (group) 
De Balie (NL) 

Corona in de stad (group) 
Amsterdam Museum (NL)

I am dream (group) 
KochxBos Gallery (NL)

Take it bend it or leave it (group) 
4bidgallery (NL) 


Tijdgenoten (group) 
De School, Amsterdam (NL)

Artists Series (group)
Venice Art Projects, Venice (IT)

De Bouwput Gallery, Amsterdam (NL)

BUNK (solo)
Patty Morgan, Utrecht (NL)

The House of Words, Lublin (PL)

Meraki: INDEX (group) 
De Bouwput Gallery, Amsterdam (NL)

Peripheral Visions (group)
L’ex caserma Emanuele Filiberto, Trieste (IT)


This Art Fair (artfair) 
Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam (NL)

Graphicall (group) 
4Bid Gallery, Amsterdam (NL)

Anarchy in a white cube (group) 
De Bouwput Gallery, Amsterdam (NL)

POCOLOCO #2 (duo)
Sexyland, Amsterdam (NL)

UNFOLLOW (solo) 
Gallery Oz, Amsterdam (NL)

Frozen Snakes (group)
Frozen Fountain, Amsterdam (NL)

4Bid Gallery, Amsterdam (NL)

Zomerwinkel (group) 
Patty Morgan, Amsterdam (NL)

Fashion Inside Out (group)
WOW Gallery, Amsterdam (NL) 

Political Posters (group) 
AGA_LAB, Amsterdam (NL)

Post Colonial Frames (group)
B#S Gallery, Treviso (IT)

Designkwartier (artfair) 
Zeeheldenkwartier, Den Haag (NL)

New Media (group)
CICA Museum, Gimpo-si (KR)

Sunflowers (pop-up) 
Siberie, Amsterdam (NL)



Bouw Open (group)
Broedplaats Bouw, Amsterdam (NL)

Sexyland, Amsterdam (NL)

After Hiroshima (group)
B#S Gallery, Treviso (IT)

The Street Experience (group)
Loosenart, Millepiani (IT)

This piece is now (artfair)
POEN, Rotterdam (NL)

This piece is now (pop-up)
Unobvious, Amsterdam (NL)

BOXSHOP (group)
4bid Gallery, Amsterdam (NL)


Los Saguaros (open studio) 
Broedplaats BOUW, Amsterdam (NL)

Opensunday (group)
Truhlarna, Prague (CZ)

Creative Climate Awards, (group)
Human Impacts Institute, New York (USA)

De Toffe Toko (pop-up)
L’Ateliers, Amsterdam (NL)

Graphicall (group)
4Bid Gallery, Amsterdam (NL)


New Ink (group) 
Kapitaal, Utrecht (NL)

Keith Haring Art Challenge (group)
Kunsthal, Rotterdam (NL)

Anonymous museum (group)
Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam (NL)

Fremdkörper (group)
DEPO WG, Amsterdam (NL)

Selfportraits (duo)
Studio/K, Amsterdam (NL)

2014 -2008

Negatives (group)
KAPITAAL, Utrecht (NL)
Kulter, Amsterdam (NL)

Negative Self-Images (duo)
Louis Hartloper Complex, Utrecht (NL)

Halftone-Shifting (duo) 
Alfred ve dvore, Prague (CZ)

Amsterdams Grafisch Atelier 55 jaar (group)
AGA_LAB, Amsterdam (NL)

Performative printing exercises (group)
Truhlarna, Prague (CZ)

Notations 21 European Tour (group) 
Musiques Démesurées Festival, Clermont (FR)

Mysterious production of eggs (solo)
Vrouw met Baard, Utrecht (NL) 
& MIADA, Chongqing (CN)

Meanwhile in China (group)
Modern International Arts and Design Academy, Chongqing (CN)

Black and white are not colors (group)
Ship of Fools, Den Haag (NL)

Fanclub (group)
Academiegalerie, Utrecht (NL)